Flag for Halfstok/Half-mast

Fluttering in the cold autumn winds, they will carry a silent wish and draw a line in the sand. Since 2013, more than 100 wars and armed conflicts have started worldwide and about half of them are still ongoing. We realize that a call for a ceasefire has major consequences. A peaceful society will never be possible in a world with unequal relationships, violence, neo-colonialism or oppression. We therefore do not see a call for a ceasefire as a passive act, but as an active start for a broad debate and social engagement. Common people are only victims. Everybody loses. It’s enough.

Initiative & text by Gerard Leysen
flags on view Sint Lucas Antwerpen & Het Bos

flags by:
Eveline Kurylak, Tisse Geukens, Ward Heirwegh, Susanne Landuyt, Jef Verbeke, Anke Van Roey, Tom Mannaerts, Hannah Verbeke, Lene Thys, Kristien Dirkx, Ruth Loos, Tess Ego, Sera van de Water, Katherine Drake, Hugo Puttaert, Johnny Baeten, Susanna Ingignoli & Nick Mattan