This Summer I was asked to participate in the 1st edition of the EIPF 2019 (Emirates International Poster Festival).

The Festival Theme: “Year of Tolerance” highlighted the United Arab Emirates in their brochure as "a global capital for tolerance, and emphasizing tolerance as a universal concept aimed at entrenching the values of tolerance, dialogue, coexistence and openness to different cultures.”

In a country where all relations outside a heterosexual marriage are considered a crime I found this disturbing.
Article 177 of the Penal Code of Dubai imposes imprisonment of up to 10 years on consensual sodomy. Punishments range from jail time, floggings, beatings, death, torture, fines, vigilante execution – like stoning, and deportation.

I did not take part.
Here is my poster though.

#EIPF #yearoftolerance